Poetic Places

Poetic Places is a free app for iOS and Android devices and the main outcome of a collaboration between Sarah Cole of TIME/IMAGE and the British Library.

Poetic Places lets users uncover hidden histories and culture, bringing poetic depictions of places into the everyday world, helping you to encounter poems and literature in the locations described, accompanied by audiovisual materials drawn from archive collections.

Utilising geolocation services and push notifications, Poetic Places can let you know when you stumble across a place depicted in verse. Alternatively, you can browse the poems and places as a source of inspiration without travelling.

We've started with London-based content but we're planning to feature all sorts of places from all over the world. You can help us by sending us suggestions.

Poetic Places aspires to give a renewed sense of place, to bring together writings and paintings and sounds to mean more than they do alone, and to bring literature into your everyday life in unexpected moments.


Built with no coding for under £5000 (including labour), this project has hoped to inspire others in the cultural heritage sector to try their hand at making creative apps. You can find more information about how we made Poetic Places throughout this website.